Name: Magna Mater

Alias: The Great Mother

Alignment: True Neutral

Portfolio: Nature, The world.

Favoured Weapon: None

Domains: Animal, Plant, Renewal, Destruction

Magna Mater, or the Great Mother as she is more often known, is the oldest surviving member of the ancient gods, and mother to all of the new gods who now rule this dimension. Eons ago she went to war with her brothers and sisters when they wanted to leave this dimension in the hunt of a better place. But she refused, having already started the process of growing this world. She gave birth to the firs eight of the new gods and with their help, went to war with the ancient gods. The war was devastating and Magna Mater has been in slumber ever since, putting her faith and trust in her children to protect what she fought so hard to give life to.

Magna Mater doesn't appear to any of her followers, but she still hears and answers their prayers. However, it is often druids that follow this goddess, not clerics or Paladins.

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