Name: Gyan

Alias: Father of Magic, Lord of Knowledge, The Judge

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Portfolio: Learned Magic, Learning, Civilization, Laws.

Favoured Weapon: Halberd

Domains: Knowledge, Spell, Planning, Creation

One of the two deities of magic, and the most intelligent of the gods. He is also given worship because it was he who gave all the mortal races, good and evil alike the knowledge of Civilization. He is also the god who is invoked in matters of very complicated and important matters of law, although most of the lesser legal problems of the world are ruled over by Gyan's son. He is often depicted as a very pleasant looking young man, the floating halberd Dignity is always at his side.

When the mortals where first created and given control of world, Gyan warred with his Sister, Mahah over giving them the knowledge of civilization, the one and only time the siblings have ever battled, and it almost brought an end to the world. If it hadn't been for the intervention of Naresh and Xslesh, the twins would still be locked in battle today. As a compromise, Gyan was permitted to teach the basics of civilization, but they would have to learn the secrets of more advanced knowledge themselves over time.

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